You can enjoy delicious wine while talking with the friendly manager

If you are looking for a bar café Kamakura Aesthetics in Kamakura, you can enjoy abundant liquors, and among them, a shop / café that recommends wines from all over the world. You can enjoy delicious wine from 500 yen, enjoy a healthy lunch at noon, and order Spanish food at dinner.
At the counter, you can enjoy a drink while chatting with the manager and other customers. It is a shop that values the local community, so it has a very homey atmosphere.

At stores that actively use superfoods, healthy lunches are very popular with women for lunch. You can enjoy a delicious lunch while taking care of your body. At dinner, you can order Spanish food at reasonable prices using superfoods such as acai and quinoa. We also handle alcoholic drinks abundantly. Among them, the wines are carefully selected from all over the world, and you can taste delicious wines that match Spanish cuisine. In addition to wine, beer, sake and cocktails are also available.
The staff are very easy to talk to and are excited about local topics. Because we value the connection with the community, it is a restaurant where regular customers gradually gather during dinner. Therefore, the atmosphere inside the store is very good, and even people for the first time can visit the store with confidence.