Spanish food cooked with superfoods such as acai and quinoa is exquisite

Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics has been highly evaluated in the surrounding area as a restaurant where you can actively enjoy Spanish cuisine using superfoods. We sell meat and rice-based dishes such as the royal road Ahijo. One of the most popular dishes is Spanish dishes made with vegetables.
Restaurants with a hideaway atmosphere and Spanish food also show off photos, so more people are posting to SNS. Such stores are open day and night, so you can stop by during daytime sightseeing.

Why not taste delicious wines from around the world at Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics?

If you are looking for a good wine shop, please come. The wines that are carefully selected and handled are delicious wines from around the world that are carefully selected by the owner. Wine is a liquor that people have become familiar with as the oldest liquor. The shop owner carefully selects wines that can be enjoyed in various flavors depending on the raw materials and manufacturing method, which are suitable for Spanish cuisine. The price is very low, starting at 500 yen per cup, so why not try various types? The wines are only suitable for Spanish cuisine. However, even those who are not good at wine, they also handle other alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.
If you want to enjoy delicious wine, you can enjoy wine from a different place than usual.

Why don't you spread your circle while drinking at Kamakura Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics?

The store, which is also used as a community place with locals, gradually gathers local regulars and first-time customers at the counter seats at dinner time. When I noticed, the counter seats were full and some people were standing and drinking, so there were a lot of people talking about the locals and people from different industries were excited about their work. It is often thought that it is difficult to enter if there are many regular customers, but shopkeepers and locals are very friendly and easy to talk to, and new customers are also welcome. Because of the location near the station, anyone is welcome to come to the store.
A night of spending one of the world's finest wines in a hideaway shop will surely be a good stimulus. There is also a table seat, so you can enjoy Spanish food and wine while talking with your companion.

You can enjoy healthy food at lunchtime at Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics

It is open during the day and night as a café, so you can feel free to take a break during sightseeing. You can enjoy a healthy lunch with organic ingredients at a reasonable price. The plate lunch curry has received a reputation for being healthy and delicious. We also serve Spanish dishes such as chicken, omelets and salads. Healthy lunch is very popular with women, and many people come alone or use it with friends for lunch.
It is within walking distance from the station, so please use it if you are tired of sightseeing. The interior of the store, which can also be used for photos, has old-fashioned interiors that are worthy of being called hideouts. How about a healthy and satisfying lunch served in a calm atmosphere?