Kamakura Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics is open day and night, so you can use it as a cafe during lunch. Lunch menu includes plates and curry. The Bal Menu is popular among female customers because it actively uses superfoods such as acai and quinoa.
You can order alcoholic drinks even during lunchtime, so you can enjoy delicious alcohol while sightseeing. If you're looking for a good café near the station, why not try some delicious Spanish food.

Kamakura's Bar Café Kamakura Aesthetics is open 24 hours a day as a cafe and a place to rest for sightseeing

After sightseeing, how about lunch while watching the photos you took? Customers have heard that there are popular plate lunches and curries, which are healthy, cheap and easy to go to. The weekday limited lunch includes two dishes and rice, so the volume is perfect.
With a retreat-like atmosphere, the interior is bright and perfect for a break. It is used in a variety of situations, such as spending an elegant lunch while drinking coffee or using it for a short spare time. It is often used by locals because of its easy access to the station, affordability at reasonable prices, and good taste. If you are traveling or sightseeing, why don't you take a break in a fashionable shop? We are open as a cafe during the day, so we welcome you to visit us.

Why do not you enjoy a story you can not usually listen to at Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics

You can listen to various stories at the counter seats, and it is also a place for local communities, so you can listen to local stories. During dinner hours, the restaurant can be so busy that you can start standing and drinking at the counter, so you can talk about everything from chats to work. Why not use a store that has a reputation for fun as a place for a new community?
The story is accompanied by a selection of wines from around the world that are carefully selected for exquisite Spanish cuisine. Eating Spanish food in a fun space is also exceptional, so be sure to enjoy it with locals. There are many kinds of alcohol, so you can enjoy conversation while drinking your favorite alcohol. Among them, wine is popular, and why not enjoy an adult exchange while drinking recommended wine? If you are looking for a place for a new community where you can hear locals around the station, please come by.

Kamakura's Bar Café Kamakura Aesthetics is an excellent combination of Spanish food and wine

You can enjoy Spanish cuisine at Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics. We use superfoods for the ingredients we use, paying attention to our bodies, so that we can eat with confidence. In addition, we prepare healthy plate rice and curry for lunch. All are offered at reasonable prices, so feel free to come for lunch and dinner. The shop has counter and table seats, so please use whichever you like.
There are also many alcoholic drinks that go with Spanish cuisine. There is a wide variety of beer and sake, as well as shochu and cocktails. Among them, wines are available that match selected Spanish dishes from around the world. Skilled Spanish cuisine and delicious wines from all over the world go hand in hand. As it is a shop that has a reputation for its in-store atmosphere that is easy for even newcomers to enter, please feel free to come.