Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics, located near Kamakura Station, is reputed for word of mouth for its delicious wines from around the world. Enjoy more than 10 wines with Spanish food. The foods they offer are made with superfoods, making them healthy and body-friendly.
The popular shops for women are located very close to the station, so it is a retreat-like shop that can be easily visited by anyone traveling for sightseeing. You can use it as a cafe during the day and night, so why not go and eat healthy Spanish food?

Kamakura's Spanish Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics is open 24 hours a day and can be used as a cafe

Lunch is a cafe that can be used as a cafe. There is an aesthetics curry besides the plate, and this is also a healthy curry, so it is easy to eat even during lunch, and you can gladly supply nutrition to the tired body of sightseeing.
You can order alcoholic drinks even at lunchtime. Wine to drink while enjoying a sightseeing trip with your friends as a reward for yourself is a special treat. You can enjoy wines from all over the world, as well as several kinds of organic wines. Soft drinks are available for beauty drinks and coffee. The restaurant has a reputation for its retreat-like atmosphere and is well-received by word-of-mouth, offering rest in a slightly different space.

Kamakura's Spanish Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics lets you enjoy South American cuisine

You can enjoy Spanish cuisine at Kamakura Aesthetics, a shop and cafe you can visit on foot from the station. Spanish cuisine using superfoods has a reputation for being very healthy. Ajillo and several other Spanish dishes are all exquisite, and Ahijo alone has several menus, so please order according to your preference. Meat-based dishes are also available for those who want a solid meal, so please enjoy it with wine that matches the meat.
We also sell wines that match Spanish cuisine. We carefully select wines from all over the world, and prepare ones that will be highly evaluated by word of mouth when they match the dishes. If you ask a friendly shop owner, we will explain recommended wines. If you haven't drunk too much wine, you may be addicted to wine. So much emphasis on wine. When you drop in, please enjoy the wines from all over the world.

Why don't you enjoy wine with local people at Kamakura Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics?

Kamakura's Bal Café Kamakura Aesthetics values communication with the locals, so the interaction with customers is very strong. If you are sitting at the counter seat and drinking alcohol, regular customers are gathering naturally and it is almost full. This is a restaurant that is highly rated for its word of mouth, where you can enjoy delicious wine while talking with the locals. Even if you are a first-timer, feel free to come because it is a homey atmosphere inside the community.
At the table you can enjoy Spanish food and wine with your guests. In the bright atmosphere inside the shop, feelings are excited together and you can make good memories. This is a bright atmosphere where you can come with your lover or friends. Shops that can be connected to various people are local-based shops where you can enjoy conversations with local people. Please come by all means if you want to talk about something you can't usually hear. Want to use it as a place for a new community?