Lunch is open as a cafe so why not take a break while sightseeing?

Kamakura's Bar Café Kamakura Aesthetics is open during the day as a hideaway café. You can use it casually for a break in sightseeing. There are counter seats and table seats, so you can enjoy a wonderful space alone or with your companion.
For dinner, you can talk about small talk and the locals at the counter with local patrons. You can enjoy the Spanish food and wine slowly at the table, so customers of various purposes come to the store every day.

Why not enjoy a cafe or dinner at Kamakura's fashionable Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics?

Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics offers a selection of Spanish dishes. The inside of the restaurant with a retreat-like atmosphere has a slightly different taste from the outside world, so you can enjoy the space a little away from everyday life. The shop owner is friendly and very easy to talk to. If you sit at the counter seat, you will be able to explain the past stories and recommended menus. The shop, which has the personality of the owner, is popular with locals, and people come to the shop naturally.
It is open day and night and can be used as a cafe during the day. In cafes and dinners, different spaces spread out even in the same retreat atmosphere. The cafe has a relaxed and elegant time, and the dinner has a stylish time with locals. The atmosphere inside the store changes depending on the time you use, so why not visit if you are interested.

Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics near Kamakura Station offers delicious Spanish cuisine

Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics is located near the station, so you can stop by for a short time. In addition, it can be used as a meeting place at lunch time. After the meeting, why not enjoy a healthy lunch in a retreat with your companion? Spanish food to eat while watching the outside scenery is exceptional. At dinner, you can easily stop by at the end of work, so why not savor delicious Spanish food while talking about your work at the counter. It is also recommended for those who want to drink wine at the table.
There are table and counter seats in the restaurant, so you can enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine if you like. If you are looking for a lunch or dinner near the station, please feel free to come by courtesy.

Kamakura Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics offers healthy food at reasonable prices

Our Spanish cuisine uses superfoods such as acai and quinoa, and is cooked by experienced owners to make them delicious. Tapas to eat in a stylish space is exquisite, so enjoy delicious Spanish food. Even if you do not usually eat Spanish food, the friendly shopkeeper will teach you how to eat and recommend you how to eat it.
The main rice dishes are delicious, but the snacks are also popular. We also handle wines from all over the world and offer snacks tailored to the wines. If you are interested in snacks that serve delicious wines from around the world, please do not hesitate to come.

Savor delicious wine from around the world at Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics

We have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, including delicious wines from all over the world, beer, sake and shochu, as well as a wide variety of cocktails. Even people who are not familiar with alcohol can recommend you if you can listen to alcohol that suits the dishes you ordered. Delicious liquor goes well with delicious food, so please order your favorite liquor.
We also handle non-alcoholic menus. Coffee has teas and juices, among which beauty drinks have a reputation. Lunch time is also open as a cafe, so why not take a break while drinking coffee. We have a wide variety of drinks, so please enjoy the atmosphere of the store while sipping your favorite drink or your favorite drink.

You can see the atmosphere of the shop with a blog updated by Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics

We regularly update event information and the state of the store on our blog so that more people can know the state of the store. We also introduce a wide variety of alcoholic drinks, from Spanish food that actively uses superfoods such as acai and quinoa, as well as wines and beers around the world, including rice, such as lunch. You can check the atmosphere in the store and the menus being handled in advance.
We value communication with the locals, so be sure to check out the atmosphere of the store while regularly updating photos and events taken with you. In addition, you can understand the scenery where the locals and those who are sightseeing at the counter seat are interacting, the atmosphere of the shopkeeper, and what other customers are going, so even the first person can use it with confidence You.