Bal Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics is a shop that is familiar to locals. At dinner time, regulars gather little by little and become more and more crowded. Because such stores value communication with the locals, not only tourists but also locals use the stores.
The inside of the shop has a retreat-like atmosphere, and you can hear various people's conversations at the counter seats. If you would like to talk with the locals, please come. We can hear story only in hometown.

Features of Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics

The Spanish food and wine you can eat at Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics is exquisite

The Spanish food you eat has great compatibility with wine. Spanish cuisine with a focus on ingredients uses organic ingredients aggressively, and everyone is offered at a reasonable price. It has a reputation as a restaurant where you can easily enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine. Sake that matches Spanish cuisine is the wine of the world carefully selected by the owner. Even if you are not familiar with wine, if you can talk to the staff, we will explain the recommendations that suit the dishes. If you are not good at wine, please be assured that we have many other alcoholic drinks.
A retreat-like shop with counter and table seating, it is full of tourists and locals. The interior is bright, so even first-timers can enjoy it. If you are traveling with you, you can enjoy a relaxing time and wine at the table.

Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics is a calm space with a hideaway atmosphere

Shops where you can enjoy wine in a hideaway atmosphere are widely visited by locals and tourists alike. The interior of the store has a comfortable space that is neither too bright nor too narrow. Since it is open day and night, it can be used as a cafe during the day. The restaurant is used as a relaxed and calm space during lunchtime for sightseeing breaks and local tea. Healthy plate rice and curry are very easy to eat and enjoyable from children to adults.
Dinner has a different atmosphere than lunch. The dinner business attracts local regular customers gradually, and the counter seats become a lively place. The restaurant is close to the locals, so you can enjoy a variety of topics while eating delicious Spanish food close to the customer. For this reason, many people are friendly and even customers who visit the store for the first time can immediately enter the circle of conversation and enjoy together.