Cafe / Café Kamakura Aesthetics offers lunches that are popular around Kamakura and offers reasonable but tasty dishes. The aesthetics curry and Spanish omelet offered by shop owners who have trained in the home are also popular among residents living nearby.
The cafe has many customers who have become repeaters, and has a wide selection of drinks that can be ordered additionally. You can enjoy a variety of drinks with good quality, considering the good food menu and compatibility. Please order with the food.

A cafe / café where you can have lunch in Kamakura

The café has a homey atmosphere with a sense of openness, and we are particular about creating spaces so that even new customers can visit us with confidence. The calm space, as if separated from the hustle and bustle, is located in a location where you can see the beautiful cityscape. Table seats are also available so that you can remember the special scenes, such as the girls' association and sightseeing, for more deep memories.
The café, which has a reputation for being an at-home store, is open from 11:30 at lunchtime. We have a wide selection of drinks and a plate menu where you can enjoy our specialty dishes to your heart's content. The cafe, which has many repeaters, has a motto of adding a little color to the customer's day, and is committed to specialty dishes and sincere hospitality, so please feel free to use it.

Lunch is a store in Kamakura, a cafe that offers authentic cuisine at Kamakura Aesthetics

The café, which has a selection of menus to satisfy you from plate menus to drinks, has gained a lot of popularity with a solid taste. We offer a variety of dishes such as marinated octopus, shrimp and vegetables using seasonal vegetables and seafood, and aesthetic curry of South American chicken soup curry. It is the perfect flavor not only as a companion for your trip, but also for meals between girls' associations and work, so please try it once.
The café, where you can enjoy cheap and delicious food, strives to create high-quality services and spaces so that you can forget the tiredness and busyness of your daily lives. We will offer delicious dishes prepared by trained shop owners in a space that is comfortable and comfortable, so please try it once. The restaurant has a calm atmosphere and has an attractive menu, so please feel free to come.

Come to Lunch Cafe / Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics where you can see the trendy cityscape of Kamakura

Cafe Kamakura, where Kamakura earns a reputation for full-fledged lunches, offers a wide selection of drinks along with dishes made using carefully selected local ingredients. We have a selection of drinks such as coffee and beer, and we have prepared special dishes. High-quality pesticide-free coffee with a deep taste and mellowness is perfect not only for compatibility with food, but also for a relaxing time. If you are looking for a delicious drink store, please come and visit us as you can enjoy a drink that fits the mood of the day.
To satisfy even those who love Spanish cuisine, the café offers a wide selection of plate menus, including Spanish omelets, Brazilian sausages, and healthy shrimp and hijiki okara burgers. Please enjoy drinks and delicious foods added to the plate menu to your heart's content.