We offer a popular menu that goes well with the specialty wine

The café that offers delicious lunches in Kamakura offers an attractive lunch menu in an open-air restaurant. The menu with plenty of fresh fish, meat and vegetables is a gem that you can enjoy not only taste but also appearance.
The plate made by the shop owner who has trained in the home can choose two attractive dishes, including aesthetics curry. It is the perfect place to drop by during a girls-only gathering or a trip, so please come by all means.

Course dishes using fresh ingredients at the lunch cafe in Kamakura

Lunch served in Kamakura has a delicious menu that is full of fresh ingredients and seasonal local vegetables. Plates that allow you to enjoy a variety of flavors such as grilled chicken and Spanish omelets are also ideal for girls' associations. The food cooked by experienced shopkeepers goes well with drinks such as wine.
The café where you can see the cityscape is not only focused on the taste of food, but also on creating a stylish interior space. The natural décor, full of openness, provides a sense of security, so even first-time visitors can relax. In order to satisfy our customers, we offer dishes pursuing deliciousness, and we also accept use at events. Please make a reservation as we will provide you with high quality service even during lunch time.

Stores and cafes where you can have lunch in Kamakura

An attractive cafe / café where you can enjoy a cheap and delicious lunch near Kamakura Station Kamakura Aesthetics has been open since 11:30. Located a 2-minute walk from the west exit of the station, the restaurant has a natural, open feel and offers delicious plates and drinks in a calm atmosphere. You can also enjoy a wide variety of drinks such as organic coffee, beer and tea. You can order it with a plate menu that has a certain taste, so please try it.
In the evenings, good quality wines, such as international wines and organic wines, go well with the dishes, so you can enjoy a deeper taste and a more enjoyable time. The store is located in a place where you can see the beautiful cityscape, so please enjoy it according to the mood of the day.

Enjoy authentic cuisine at a highly reputed lunch in Kamakura

In order to satisfy our customers every day, our cafe which pursues menus and services always offers reasonable plates for lunch. Boiled chicken with tomatoes using fresh tomatoes You can enjoy a variety of menus using seasonal ingredients, including cereals quinoa. You can enjoy a variety of tastes with a menu that allows you to choose your favorite side dish, so please order with a drink by all means.
The café with attractive side dishes also has table seats so that you can spend more time on dating and girls' gatherings. Please note that there are eight counter seats, so if you want to stop by at lunchtime without any pretensions, please use it. We are waiting for you with a good service and a delicious menu.

Delicious lunch and cafe in Kamakura

Cafe / Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics offers a large selection of side dishes full of umami. Drinks such as pesticide-free coffee from the Amazon region and Banban tea from Tokushima Prefecture will not only go well with the dishes, but will also have a deeper flavor and a more enjoyable time. In addition, you can enjoy your favorite drink such as beer and iced tea for an additional 150 yen, so please order by all means.
The interior has a natural interior design to create a homely space so that you can relax more. In the evening, there is a wide selection of alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and brandies, as well as selected international wines. You can enjoy it with a delicious course menu. Please come to a cafe that is popular among those who are on the way to sightseeing and those who live nearby.

It is a blog of a cafe that provides lunches that are popular in Kamakura

The café, which is dedicated to courteous customer service and reassuring service, publishes a blog so that more customers, including those in the neighborhood and on the way to sightseeing, can discover the appeal of the store. From blogs updated by shop owners who have earned training, we will post various information such as news of advantageous events and the state of the shop, so please visit the blog once by all means.
The café, which offers dishes that focus on the selection of ingredients from vegetables, seafood, and meat to cooking methods, is open from 11:30 at noon. We offer a high quality menu to satisfy you for lunch and dinner. We also have a variety of specialty wines that are compatible with dishes such as assorted tapas and chicken boiled in tomatoes, so if you are near sightseeing or work, please come and visit us.