Kamakura Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics is a Spanish and South American restaurant

You can enjoy 15 kinds of glass wine

Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics is a restaurant where you can enjoy Spanish cuisine using superfoods such as acai and quinoa, and wines from around the world carefully selected by the manager himself. We also have organic wines and various kinds of wine are prepared at the shop. The dish that the manager put on his skill is perfect for compatibility with delicious wine. It features a retreat-like atmosphere that stands quietly at the station Chika, and is often used by locals as well as tourists. When it comes to dinner, nature and regulars come together, so feel free to come here as it is a shop closely related to the local area.

Lunch menu

Introducing the lunch menu of Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics

Vegan plate is very popular

Lunch plate


※ 2 dishes + rice salad you like from the following
・ Aesthetic curry
・ Grilled chicken
・ Boiled chicken with tomatoes
・ Peruvian potato salad “Cauca Leisurena”
・ Marinated salt koji with octopus, shrimp and vegetables
・ Sauce of pork loin cherry brandy
・ Brazil sausage
・ Boiled chicken and mushroom coriander paste
* A large serving of rice for +100 yen

850 yen (tax included)

Bar Menu

Kamakura Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics uses superfoods such as acai and quinoa

Offers healthy and healthy lunches and dinners


Enjoy more than 10 kinds of wine at low price

You can order wines from around the world from 500 yen


Friendly staff will serve food

A retreat-like atmosphere that even first-timers can enjoy


We are also updating the blog that understands the atmosphere inside the store

A shop that values the local community


Come to a cafe where you can enjoy Spanish cuisine


Store name

Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics

Street address

8-41 Onaricho, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

phone number
business hours


Regular holiday



If you're looking for a bar in Kamakura, head to a restaurant where you can savor wines from around the world in delicious Spanish cuisine. Selected wines can be ordered from 500 yen. Spanish cuisine is healthy and healthy because it uses organic ingredients. Such stores are located in a station or on foot, so please feel free to come.

About us

Kamakura Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics actively uses superfoods such as acai and quinoa

Kamakura's Bar Café Kamakura Aesthetics is open 24 hours a day and can be used as a cafe

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious wines from around the world carefully selected by the owner. Not only customers who have come to sightseeing, but also local people who have finished their work feel free to use. Because it is called station chica, it is a retreat-like shop where anyone can easily stop by. The shop has a counter and table seats. At the counter, you can enjoy a conversation with locals and drink wine. At the table seats, you can enjoy a relaxed space with the people who came with you.
It is open day and night, so you can use it as a cafe during the day. At lunchtime, a stylish space different from dinner is coloring the shop. Healthy meals are also available, so even women can easily stop by and have an elegant time. The location is also close to the station, so it may be used as a short resting place in a short spare time. Although it is a retreat-like atmosphere, it is a shop where anyone can drop in casually, so please feel free to come.

Kamakura's Bar Cafe Kamakura Aesthetics is a homey atmosphere and a community place

We are trying to open a store that anyone can use casually. Delicious Spanish food is offered at low prices, so you can stop by when you come up with an idea, and delicious wines from all over the world are offered at very reasonable prices starting at 500 yen. During the dinner time, local people gather at the counter seats and various topics fly around. While listening to stories that local people do not usually hear, you can also enjoy drinking wine very deliciously. It is a very nice space where you can communicate with the locals while drinking abundant alcohol in a retreat-like atmosphere.
Many events are held in the store. This can help you get along and make friends with people you know. It is a shop where regulars and customers come together naturally without making any promises. Since it is a very homely shop, even at first glance, you can get along quickly and get into the circle of the community together. If you are looking for dinner near the station, please do not hesitate to visit. We welcome you with delicious Spanish food and a wonderful space.